Frequently Asked Questions

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NPC stands for National Physique Committee. It is an American company based in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Its president is Jim Manion.

NPC Worldwide is an association of private organizers of amateur bodybuilding championships, which are held worldwide according to the sporting regulations of the NPC.

Permission to organize NPC championships rests solely with NPC company management.

The NPC has no federation structure.

The NPC is open to athletes from all sports associations and sports organizations.

The NPC does not issue any bans if athletes also start with other organizers after starting with them.

The NPC therefore does not know of any fines being paid by banned athletes to an association or club to shorten the ban.

Only through NPC championships can you get a Pro Card of the legendary IFBB Pro League.

Your way to the Olympia stage starts at the NPC.

It is the entry into international shows of the NPC and the requirement for participation in Pro Qualifiers

For your start at REGIONALS you will receive the coveted OFFICIAL REGIONAL CERTIFICATE from us if you hold the Austrian citizenship.

This allows you to participate in NPC Pro Qualifiers worldwide – and you are in the race for a legendary IFBB Pro Card.

A Regional is the perfect preparation for your goal – the Pro Card of the IFFB Pro League.

And who knows: maybe YOU will be on the OLYMPIA stage…

All NPC athletes with a valid NPC Worldwide membership and a valid Regional Certificate can participate in a Pro Qualifier.

The Pro Qualifier Championships offer you the opportunity to get the legendary IFBB PRO Card after you have achieved the overall victory in the respective class.

With this you can take part in PRO championships and compete with the best of the best. As soon as you have accumulated enough points in these championships or achieved a victory in a PRO championship, you have the opportunity to participate in the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

Where is the difference?

A TRUE NOVICE is an athlete who has never competed in an NPC Championship.

A NOVICE has NOT won an OVERALL in a Novice, Masters or Open class in the CURRENT season. OR he has never won an open class with more than 3 runners.

Austrian NPC athletes who want to start at a Pro Qualifier (worldwide) must show a “Regional Certificate” from Austria, As soon as the first domestic Regional competition has taken place.

A Regional Certificate is only valid for the current calendar year.

Athletes residing in a country that require a Regional Certificate (Austria is one of them) must compete in a regional competition (Regional) before they can compete in a Pro-Qualifier.

Regional Certificates are only valid within the same calendar year.

Regional Certifications are reviewed prior to each competition.

The Regional Certificate will be sent to you via email after the championship.