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On the pointNPC Austria Logo What is the NPC?

NPC stands for National Physique Committee. It is an American company based in Carnegie, Pennsylvania (USA). Its president is Jim Manion. NPC Worldwide is a loose association of private promotors of amateur bodybuilding shows, which are held worldwide according to NPC's sporting regulations. The approval to organize NPC championships is exclusively by the company management.

NPC is not organized as a federation.

NPC is open for athletes from all organizations. NPC does not ban any athlete who starts at events of other organizers but NPC. The NPC therefore knows no fines from athletes to an association or club. You can only get a Pro Card of the legendary IFBB Pro League through championships of the NPC. Your road to the Olympia stage begins with the NPC.

Alesia Sabatino, Siegerin NPC Pro Qualifier San Marino, Italien  Nourizadeh Milad, Klassensieger Classic Physique  NPC Pro Qualifier San Marino, Italien
Alessia Sabatino,
Winner NPC Pro Qualifier
San Marino, Italien
Nourizadeh Milad,
Winner Classic Physique NPC Pro Qualifier
San Marino, Italien
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