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IFBBPRO/NPC in Austria – Your Chance, Your Future 


  • Welcome!NPC Austria Logo

NPC Austria welcomes athletes from all federations.


  • NPC Austria - the NO BANS - FEDERATION

NPC Austria does not ban any athletes for competing at championships of other federations.


  • NPC Austria opens doors

NPC Austria events open doors to NPC World Wide Pro Qualifiers


  • NPC Austria and IFBB Pro Cards

Your road for the most prestigious Pro Card on our planet begins at NPC Austria Events


  • NPC Austria and Mr Olympia

NPC-Austria Events are the direct road to MR OLYMPIA Amateur shows around the world

  • Mr. Olympia, the NPC and you

You can become Mr Olympia / Miss Olympia via IFBBPRO/NPC shows only.


You got questions? Please feel free to send them to 


Your road to Olympia starts with us! 


 Elisa Pecini   Chris Bumstead 
Elisa Pecini 
Ms Olympia Bikini
Chris Bumstead 
Mr Olympia Classic Physique

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